MQTT Air Quality Monitor

I usually think poorly of home automation and smart homes. Not every thing has to be smart and should have an internet connection – especially not my coffee machine or what else. In this case, however, having a sensor which connects automatically to our wifi network and sends the achieved data to another server is pretty cool.

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Enumerating the contents of your router history

If you want to reach websites on the Internet, all network traffic is usually routed through routers. Because no one can remember IP addresses for countless websites, DNS servers („Domain Name System“) are used to assign an IP address to a host name. A DNS server translates more readily memorized domain names to the numerical IP addresses needed for locating and identifying computer services and devices with the underlying network protocol.

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TempestSDR – Monitore ausspionieren

Wie vermutlich jeder weiß, senden Elektrogeräte beim Betrieb hochfrequente, elektromagnetische Strahlung ab (landläufig auch als „Elektrosmog“ bekannt). Insbesondere Bildschirme und die Abstrahlung ihrer elektromagnetischen Störstrahlung sind hier sehr interessant, da man aus der Modulation der abgestrahlten Strahlung unter Umständen Informationen darüber gewinnen kann, was auf dem Bildschirm gerade angezeigt wird.

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220mm Racecopter Build

A very light but nevertheless resistant Racecopter frame

I wanted to have a very solid but lightweight and yet simple fpv race copter frame.
This frame is incredible durable. This frame has even withstood several hard crashes so far. The frame may not be as light as a carbon frame, but the total weight of the quad is only 350g. With battery included 460g. That is truly not much for a durable and very fast racer. I would even say that compared to other builds, the quad is a flyweight.

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