Reverse Engineering Remote-Controlled Somfy Blinds – Part 1

In the following, I would like to document my findings in reverse engineering remotely controlled Somfy (io homecontrol) blinds. In particular, the details of the radio signals and the encoding are to be described here. This project was created over several evenings over the last few months and is intended to show a small glimpse of how much work was needed to understand the signals.

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CORS anywhere Proof-of-Concept

Who hasn’t felt the same way? You want to access a web service API and display the scraped data on your own web page, but your browser doesn’t allow it. The security feature CORS (cross-origin resource sharing) makes it impossible if the webservice does not include the respective headers. Isn’t it there a way around it?

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Enumerating the contents of your router history

If you want to reach websites on the Internet, all network traffic is usually routed through routers. Because no one can remember IP addresses for countless websites, DNS servers („Domain Name System“) are used to assign an IP address to a host name. A DNS server translates more readily memorized domain names to the numerical IP addresses needed for locating and identifying computer services and devices with the underlying network protocol.

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